A Guide To Face Paint Makeup

When you’re new in the face painting biz, the first thing that you have to know is about the face paint make up you’ll be using. You just don’t go about using the first non-toxic paint that you see out on the market. You have to do your research too.

When it comes to face paints, you have 2 choices: either you buy them, or you delve into how to make face paints.  Either way, you’ll be giving your children (or if you’re starting a business, your kiddie customers) the best quality paint materials that they deserve.

For the sake of impartiality, I won’t be naming brands here. True, there are a lot of brands out there that deserve to be complimented for a job well done, but still, it is your responsibility as a painter to look out for the welfare of the kids.

Always choose that which is made for the face. Never choose acrylic paints or watercolor/washable markers. These may cause an allergic breakout or make the skin too red for comfort. Use water-based, face make up, as these will be the easiest to remove.

Buy only FDA-approved face paints (or whatever the name of the paint-regulating body in your area is). Some painters short-change their clients by using materials that shouldn’t be used on the skin – hence their insurance charges. (We won’t talk about insurance now as we will be concentrating first on you as a beginner trying to hone a skill.)

When applying face paints, it’s also important to make sure that the child you’ll be painting on doesn’t have any open wounds, sores or acne on his face. Putting it on is one thing, but taking it out may cause the skin to become swollen or sore. If he insists, then be firm in your decision not to paint on his face. Instead, offer to paint on his arm instead, or give him a sticker.

There are 3 different types of face paint. You can experiment with these to achieve your desired results:

Cakes – These kinds of face paint are dry or slightly moist and may need a few drops of water for it to be easily and smoothly applied on skin. It’s used as a base coat, just like foundation.

Creams - These are very moist face paints and look “creamy”. These can also be used as a base coat and may also be used for detailing as well.

Liquids – These are runny sorts, hence the name “liquids”. They are best used for detailing and lining.

You can also make face paint. The easiest way is this:

1.  Mix 4 teaspoons of vegetable shortening, 5 teaspoons of cornstarch, and 2 teaspoons of flour until it forms into a thick paste.

2.  Add 8 drops of glycerine (ask from your friendly neighborhood drug store) and stir. Mixture should be smooth and easy to spread.

3.  Divide the mixture and add gel food coloring to each. Mix.

This recipe creates face paint that can be removed with plain soap and water. For homemade face paint though, it is best to apply a little cold cream to the child’s face for easier cleaning.

If you bought commercially made paint, read the instructions on how to clean up after. If it’s water-based paint, it should be able to come out easily using just soap and water.

Top quality face paint should be your top priority. But that’s not the only thing that matters. What also matters is you give them what they want – a design they like, on their face, using the best paint make-up, and a magical experience they’ll cherish for a long time.




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